Suggestions for speaking to your provider about VSED


Want to have a conversation about VSED with your doctor or another health provider but not sure where to start? We’ve drafted a few conversation starters to help get the ball rolling. Be sure to practice ahead of time and print out the list to bring with you to your appointment.

Helpful declarations

I am interested in knowing more about Voluntarily Stopping Eating and Drinking (VSED), sometimes called terminal or end-of-life fasting.

I would like to review my Advance Care Plan (ACP) with you because I would like more information about my end-of-life options, including VSED.

Questions to ask your provider

Have you helped patients die by using VSED? Would you please tell me more?

If I decide to use VSED as my end-of-life choice, would you help manage my VSED experience? I would want you to review my plans with me and write prescriptions that I might need to help me be more comfortable (liquid morphine, liquid lorazepam, and liquid haloperidol).

If you are unable or unwilling to help me prepare for VSED at this time, would you be willing to refer me to a professional colleague who might do so?

If I plan to work with a death doula, would you be willing to consult with her? May I bring her with me to an appointment to meet you?

Would you be willing to make a home visit during my VSED process?

Would you be willing to make a referral for me to hospice before I start my fast so I can receive hospice services?

Do you, as a provider, know about VSED Resources Northwest? May I leave their brochure and referral card with you?

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