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Books about VSED

  • Choosing to Die by Phyllis Shacter, available on Amazon or from Village Books in Bellingham
  • The Last Ten Days–Academia, Dementia, and the Choice to Die by Martha Risberg Brosio, available on Amazon
  • Voluntarily Stopping Eating and Drinking: A Compassionate, Widely Available Option for Hastening Death, edited by Timothy E. Quill, Paul T. Menzel, Thaddeus M. Pope, and Judith K. Schwarz. Forthcoming from Oxford University Press, 2021. Table of Contents available here.

Articles/podcasts/lectures about VSED

Websites with VSED content

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Organizations that offer information about VSED

  • End of Life Washington: A patient advocacy group that supports and advocates for those facing the end of life; assists with all aspects of end-of-life decision making; and promotes the use of advance directives and communication about end-of-life wishes.

  • End of Life Choices Oregon: a non-profit organization comprised of medical directors and regional volunteers trained in the specialized field of helping Oregonians through their end of life options.

  • End of Life Choices New York: An organization in NY that works to improve end of life care, and expand end of life options, to ensure a peaceful death.

  • Compassion and Choices: A nonprofit organization in the US that works to improve patient rights and individual choice at the end of life. Its primary function is advocating for and ensuring access to EOL options.

  • End of Life Collective: A community of care givers and care seekers gathered in one place to help you and your family through one of life’s most important times.

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