Poem by Kate Vredvoogd

Kate and Bruce

The following poem was written by Kate Vredvoogd while being present with and sitting at the bedside of her beloved father, Bruce Vredvoogd, during his 11 day VSED process. Kate is a writer, photographer and teacher of the English language. Her website is www.wanderlustwords.com.

My dad is the trickster, the quiet careful listener
who hears the message often hidden by the words.
He’s a mirror who shows me my humanity
and tricks me into laughing when I’m feeling too severe.

He’s a soft but steady one, a resolute but gentle one,
whose wisdom and irreverence work in harmony.
He’s a melody of key changes, unopposing opposites,
teaching me the nuanced beauty of allowing things to be.

He’s a problem-solver, a get-up-and-doer,
a grab-the-bull-by-the-horns creator of his reality.
He’s a maker of things, a builder of dreams,
a manifester, intention setter, a second-natured visionary.

He’s a cowboy and a rebel,
a musician and a fisherman,
a rock-stacking, river-rafting
captain of adventure.

He was my advocate when I couldn’t be,
he met my harsh with loyalty,
and when I was lost, 
he always made me feel seen.

My dear sweet dad, 
I owe so much of who I am to the ways that you are you.
You will always have a home with me 
in my endless gratitude. 

2 thoughts on “Poem by Kate Vredvoogd”

  1. Still brings tears every time I read your poem Kate., probably all ways will. Love you & your Dad. Nanny

    1. Thank you Nancy, I always tear up too. It brings me right back to that morning when I wrote it and read it to him. He couldn’t respond by that point, but at least I know he heard it. <3
      Love you

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